Little Chicken Crochet Pattern

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Crochet

I designed this little chicken crochet pattern when I was a teenager and have been modifying it for over two years. I figured it’s time to stop kicking the can and muster up the bravery to post it already. This being the first pattern I’ve ever written, I’ve been a little shy about releasing it, but after lots of testing, tweaking, prayer, and far too much anxious procrastination, I’m finally letting my little chicken crochet pattern fly (nervous chuckle).

3 little chickens on a rock made using this crochet chicken pattern

Amigurumi patterns have always been my favorite thing to crochet, especially when the pattern is on the smaller side. I typically have a million things on the to-do list, and smaller projects allow me to feel fulfill that crafting “itch” without a big commitment. From start to finish, I can whip up one of these chickens in about 30 minutes to an hour. With how easy these are to make, I have the same problem on my desk as I do in the barnyard — too many chickens!

Another advantage with this crochet chicken pattern is that it doesn’t use that much yarn. You can use any scrap yarn you have on hand. For the sample chicken pictured in the pattern, I used standard worsted weight yarn. There will be more info about what I specifically used below. I’ve also crocheted chickens using thick yarn, resulting in a very chunky (and 100% adorable) plush chicken.

After you’ve buried your own desk in little biddies, use this crochet chicken pattern to make Christmas Ornaments, keychain knick-knacks, gifts to your chicken-loving friends, or presents for littles to start their own crochet chicken barnyard.

two chunky crochet chickens placed on a basket, made with large yarn

Supplies for the Chicken Crochet Pattern

Here are a few details about the pattern (which can be purchased on Etsy or on Ravelry): Any weight yarn can be used. A lighter weight yarn will result in smaller chicken, and a chunkier yarn will result in a larger chicken.

Yarn – As I mentioned above, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing yarn for this crochet pattern! Use the color of your peference, in any gauge. The size of the yarn will determine the final size of the chicken. For the chicken in my pattern’s images, I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 4G yarn, in the colors Country Yellow, (for the body), Country Red (for the comb), and Jute (for the beak). The final size using 4G yarn turned out about 3 inches tall. A thicker yarn will make a larger chicken, and a thinner yarn will make a smaller chicken.

Hook – I prefer to use a smaller hook than what my chosen yarn calls for in order to minimize the look of small holes in my work. For the chicken in these pictures, I used an E/4 (3.50mm) sized hook from this set. Again, the sky is the limit here – you can use a larger or a smaller hook if you prefer. Anything goes!

Black Thread/Safety Eyes – For the sample chicken in my pattern, and for most of the images in this post, I chose to embroider the eyes using black thread and an embroidery needle. I’m not very good at embroidery, so if I can embroider eyes, anybody can! It’s hard to finagle safety eyes into place since this chicken is so small, but you could try it if you’d like. For my chunky plush chickens above, I did use safety eyes.

Stuffing – polyester filling.

Needle – for weaving in ends, attaching the beak and comb, and embroidering eyes.

Stitch Marker – I highly recommend a stitch marker for this pattern! Though this crochet chicken pattern features only simple stitches, it can be a bit tricky to keep track of where you’re at! My preferred stitch marker is scrap yarn. 

Wooden Craft Ring or Washer – optional. For gluing/sewing to the base of the chicken to help keep it upright. I didn’t use a ring when propping up the crochet chickens for the images, so they do stand a little on their own, but I would add a ring if you’re planning on keeping your chickens upright for any length of time. 

stitching the eyes of the chicken according to the crochet chicken pattern

Stitches & Abbreviations

You’ll need to know the following basic crochet stitches…

Sinle Crochet – abbreviated as sc.

Single Crochet Increase – the standard increase. Single crochet twice into the same stitch. Abbreviated as inc.

Single Crochet Decrease – the standard decrease. Single crochet two stitches together. Sometimes known as sc2tog. In this pattern, it’s abbreviated as dec.

Half Double Crochet – one of my favorite stitches. Abbreviated as hdc. You will also need to make a half double crochet increase in the last row, but this increase is as simple as half double crocheting twice into the same stitch.

This chicken crochet pattern uses United States Terms.

Buy The Chicken Crochet Pattern

Ready to start crocheting? Find the pattern here:

3 crochet chickens sitting on a rock with the words 'crochet little chicken pattern' above

If you decide to give this chicken crochet pattern a try, I hope you enjoy crocheting it as much as enjoyed writing it!

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If I can keep my brave momentum going, more crochet barn animal patterns will be coming soon!

Happy crafting!