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Journaling our adventures as we turn a rugged hollow into a homestead, a 450 sqft cinderblock cabin into a home.

two buff orpington chickens and a crowing marans rooster

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two buff orpington chickens and a crowing marans rooster


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Welcome to Lautercreek Farm, our pastures, our forest, our kitchen, our life! I’m Amberly Lauterwasser ~ newly married to my amazing husband, Matthew. Our history together as a married couple has just begun. We’re putting down roots in the backwoods of Eastern Kentucky, where we recently purchased 70+ acres of rolling hills, wooded valleys, winding brooks, and forest thickets. The first time we looked at the property, we noticed the only man-made features were a 450-sqft dilapidated, cinderblock hunting structure and some overgrown trails, but all we saw was the potential and beauty of the land, and an opportunity to build something sweet and sacred – together – from the ground up. So here we are, with our sleeves rolled up, starting at the beginning! I’m hoping to share our progress (slow though it may be) in achieving our dream: transforming this rugged hollow into a homestead, our little cabin into a Home. It’ll be a long journey, but we feel blessed beyond measure. With lots of faith, prayer and hopeful confidence, we’re starting small and dreaming big!

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Located near Paintsville, Kentucky

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