Nigerian Dwarf Buck – MGF1191 Heart of Gold


Heart of Gold is a sweetheart and produces gorgeous kids, but after many years he has worked himself out of a job. Now that over half of the herd is related to him, it’s time for him to find new ladies. He is registered with the ADGA, and I have the paperwork to get him registered with the AGS. Disbudded, blue eyed, and better still, he tends to throw girls – out of the 14 kids he’s sired, 9 have been doelings. All of his kids (both bucks and does) have been very flashy – the later pics include some of the kids he’s sired on our homestead. They have also been on the smaller side; even our daintiest does have had his kids without any trouble.

DOB: Feb 1, 2020 (4 years old)

Coloring: Gold with minimal white; blue eyes

Horn Status: Disbudded

Registration Status: ADGA Registered, AGS registerable

Sire:  Shepherd FF Legolas

Dam: Rolling Meadows J Cocoa